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The Making of a Beast: WRT54G Mods, Part One : 9 Steps Tearing It Down!!: First let me state the following: AS SOON AS YOU BREAK THE WARRANTY LABEL … Is the Linksys WRT54G obsolete? - The Silicon Underground May 14, 2020 wrt54gs power supply FITE ON 12V 1A AC/DC Adapter for Linksys WRT54GS V7.2 Router 12VDC 1000mA 12W Power Supply Cord Cable. $15.99 $ 15. 99. FREE Shipping. Saireed UL 12V AC Adapter Charger Replacement for Netgear N300 N600 Comcast Xfinity Asus TP-Link Motorola Arris Surfboard WiFi Router Seagate Expansion Backup Plus Power Supply w/12ft Cord 7Tips. WRT54G user guide - MIT

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Is the Linksys WRT54G obsolete? - The Silicon Underground

May 06, 2012

The WRT54G v7 is based on an Atheros WiSOC (mips), all of the others were based on Broadcom platforms (mipsel). Devices with less than 4MB storage and 16MB ram are a waste of time; there is no point in trying to support such limited devices. Linksys WRT54GS v7.0 | InfoDepot Wiki | FANDOM powered by My WRT54GS v7 has a Broadcom BCM5354KFBG CPU and an EON EN29LB160AB-70TCP flash chip and 16MB of Samsung RAM. The FCC ID is Q87-WRT54GSV72 which maybe means it's a v7.2? Serial number starts with CGNE. [Addition: tiger12506 adds that he has succesfully performed this on two WRT54GS v7.2 with CGNE serial numbers. Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend: Linksys WRT54G Sep 27, 2015