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Can't establish a reliable VPN tunnel (ShrewSoft client Our VPN client : ShrewSoft; I already set up VPN_gateway and VPN_connection on my Zywall. My ShrewSoft config seems to be good but when tunnel is enabled i lost my internet connection and i can't ping devices on my LAN1. Zywall logs: (from bottom to top): Your customer gateway device - AWS Site-to-Site VPN Zyxel Zywall Series 4.20 (or later) software for statically routed VPN connections, or 4.30 (or later) software for dynamically routed VPN connections The VPN tunnel comes up when traffic is generated from your side of the VPN connection. Zyxel launches ZyWALL VPN1000 VPN Firewall, an all-in-one

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5.8 The VPN tunnel is up but I can’t ping ! If the VPN tunnel is up, but you still cannot ping the remote LAN, here are a few guidelines: Check Child SA settings: VPN Client address and Remote LAN address. Usually, VPN Client IP address should not belong to the remote LAN subnet Once VPN tunnel is up, packets are sent with ESP protocol. This One Security - Safeguard Your Network & Business | Zyxel Nov 08, 2019 L2TP VPN - Zyxel To manage the ZyWALL through the L2TP VPN tunnel, create a routing policy that sends the ZyWALL’s return traffic back through the L2TP VPN tunnel. • Set Incoming to ZyWALL. • Set Destination Address to the L2TP address pool. • Set the next hop to be the VPN tunnel that you are using for L2TP. VPN on USG20-VPN - connected, but not passing traffic — Zyxel