T-Mobile APN Settings for Android To Updateor Add APN on an Androidphone Go to Settings> Connections(or More) > MobileNetworks> Access Point Names We recommend to alwaysadd a new APNinstead of editing an existing one. Tab on the menu option (little 3 dots on upper right corner) and select Add.

Android SIM Card | Mint Mobile APN & MMS Settings Need help setting up data for your Android device? Check out our how-to guide (with videos!) to easily configure your APN and MMS settings for Mint Mobile. T-Mobile APN Settings Name: T-MOBILE – This field is irrelevant for the functionality, you can just use any name. APN: epc.tmobile.com if you have an LTE phone, you should use fast.tmobile.com instead. Proxy: Leave in Blank – Not set Port: Leave in Blank – Not set. Username: Leave in Blank – Not set Password: Leave in Blank – Not set Server: Leave in Blank – Not set How To Set Up T-Mobile's APN for International Data Roaming May 25, 2016

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LG G6 is compatible with T-Mobile GSM, T-Mobile HSDPA and T-Mobile LTE. To configure T-Mobile APN settings with LG G6 follow below steps. LG G6 maximum data transter speed with T-Mobile is 300/51 Mbps while LG G6 is capable of speeds up to 300/100 Mbps. T-Mobile USA APN settings can be manually configured in your device to access internet with T-Mobile USA in United States. T-Mobile USA Dec 30, 2019 · T-Mobile Internet & MMS APN settings Open Settings Connections Mobile networks Access Point Names of your Samsung Galaxy A20. Press ADD on right top corner. If Samsung Galaxy A20 has already set values for T-Mobile 2 for any fields below leave them. Reset your APN settings to default; Check that the APN profile has the option for IPv4/IPv6 (see below) Start by tapping on either the + or Add option, usually located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Check the fields for the 'APN Protocol' and the 'APN Roaming Protocol' to see if the option 'IPv4/IPv6' is present.

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