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So an email account set up for one profile will not be visible in another profile’s email account. Profiles are also available when you wake up the NOOK. When you wake it up, icons and names for all the profiles appear in a circle around the lock. Nook App Opening an account is quick, easy, and free. Users can sign in with a current Barnes & Noble/NOOK ® account or create a new one. Setting Up and Registering Your NOOK Color | Getting Next you register your NOOK Color. After signing on to a Wi-Fi network, you land on the Sign In screen. If you have an existing B&N account, enter your account information and tap Submit. If you don't have an account, you can create one by tapping Create an Account. Fill … How to use the Nook Simple Touch without registering

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The NOOK refers to Barnes & Noble’s suite of devices designed by readers for readers. Over 3.6 million ebooks, digital newspapers & magazines can be read anytime, anywhere, on any device with our NOOK black & white eReaders, color tablets and free downloadable Android and iOS apps. Sign In or Create Account - B&N Press B&N Press. Due to COVID-19, proof copies and personal print book orders are experiencing printing delays.

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The Nook HD and HD+ are full-color, LCD screen eReaders with Wi-Fi capabilities that let users read books, view PDFs, watch movies, and check email on the go. But like any wireless device, setting up and logging into a Gmail account can be tricky. You have to authorize your Gmail account before logging in on the Nook. NOOK Color Setup & Registration - YouTube